Fraud Prevention

Maintaining Quality Traffic For Advertisers.

The relationship between AdClickMedia, advertisers, and publishers is built on trust. Advertisers rely on the relevance of our ad placement, our reporting statistics, and the quality of the clicks their ads receive. Publishers in turn count on advertiser participation and relevant ads which makes their web properties valuable, and an accurate and reliable source of income of their business. We take this trust seriously and we know that the AdClickMedia advertising networks couldn't exist without it.


Our team is dedicated to staying on top of your concerns, monitoring traffic across AdClickMedia's ad network, and preventing advertisers from paying for invalid traffic. While they provide protection without you needing to do anything, we also know you want to do whatever you can to ensure the best performance for your ads.


Clicks are monitored both automatically and manually by our team. Email PPC clicks are managed manually for quality before they are approved.


Please read our Advertiser Policy here.