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Reach Your Target Audience By Email. Pay Only For Valid Clicks!

Email advertising works. Especially when someone recommends your offer to their own list of subscribers. ROI from email marketing have proven over and over again to be the highest than any other means of marketing communication.


You may have tried Solo Advertising with newsletter publishers, or other vendors in your own market. You may have experienced great success with email solo advertising in the past with a partner in your market.


Greatest challenges with purchasing Email Solo Advertising:


1. Time Consuming: You have to find the right solos advertising vendor to work with.

2. Less Control: Once you find them, you have to adhere to their mailing schedule.

3. Expensive: You are paying high PPC rates. (often $1 to $2.50 per click).

4. Traffic Source: You don't have a way to monitor if the clicks are actually coming from an email that they sent out, or from a random untargeted website. Solo ad vendors often use redirect traffic which produce little or nothing in return.


There is an easier, safer, less expensive, and scalable way to get more results from Email marketing. 

Introducing AdClickMedia Email PPC Network:

AdClickMedia can provide you access to email advertising that can bring you amazing ROI. We have been in the email advertising space for 15 years now and have developed relationships that allow us to offer you unsurpassed access to the highest quality email publishers for much less than other companies do.


As a network, we can bring the best email publishers to promote your offer/s to their subscribers, manually approve valid clicks, track everything for you, and even design your email campaigns to produce better results for you -- for less PPC rates than most companies offering the same service.


Why Us?


1.  Publisher Selection Process: We are very selective when bringing in new email partners. There is an application process. Publishers must prove that they run an online business in a particular niche, and must provide enough proof of how they build their email lists.


2. Targeted Feed: Once active, your offer is shown ONLY to publishers in the audience group that is fit for your offer. This will avoid all untargeted exposure to your offer page.


3. Recommendation: We contact publishers and encourage them to promote your offer as often as possible.


4. Fraud Protection: ALL clicks are manually approved before funds are deducted from your account. We check various elements before we even approve a single click coming from publishers.


5. Ongoing Relationships: We are in touch with publishers on a daily basis via Skype, phone, and live chat.


6. Lowest Possible PPC Rates: Email publishers work with us because we share maximum EPC (earnings per click) for them on a continues basis. By partnering with us, publishers have multiple offers to promote on a daily basis so that they don't have to hunt for advertisers to make revenue for their business. It's a win, win situation.


Email Publishers In 31 Different Target Markets: (Competitive & Scalable PPC Rates)

Pay per click rates vary from 0.42¢ to $1.50 per click depending on the target category.


General audience
Business Owners
Computers & Technology
Coupons & Offers
Credit Repair

Family & Parenting
Finance & Investing
Food & Beverage
Green Living
Health & Beauty
Home Improvement

Humanities & Charity
Internet Marketing
News & Politics
Business Opportunity Seekers
Online Education
Online Shopping
Pets & Animals

Real Estate
Self Help
Spanish Speaking
Travel & Leisure


Requirements / Conditions to start an Email PPC Campaign.


1. Minimum $150 deposit

2. Must provide approved email ad copies (or have us design the ad for you)

3. 24-48 hour notice to pause your ad and notify all publishers of the change.

4. 24-48 hour notice to change the offer page URL and to notify publishers of the change.


If you think that you meet the above requirements and conditions, and would like to immediately start your campaign, please create your free account now.

How Does It Work.

Starting an Email PPC campaign is easy. 


1. Create a free account

2. Search and pull up all email publishers and their list details in your target market.

3. Fund your account with $150 minimum.

4. Submit your email ad copies.

5. We will setup and activate your campaign and push it to our publishers.

6. We contact publishers who may be best suited for your offer.

7. Manually approve all the clicks coming in from various publishers for you.


Email PPC works! Create your first ad campaign today.



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