Publisher Payout

Supporting and partnering with publishers since Jan, 2009.

Our publishers are our most valuable asset. Since 2009, Adclickmedia has been paying our partners on time every time.


Publisher payout is pretty straightforward and transparent. We pay 50% commissions on majority of ad channels, and up to 65% for premium publishers. Premium publishers are partners who are currently earning $1000/mo or more, have had excellent feedback from our advertisers and have been working with us for a minimum period of 3 months or more.


Minimum payout is $50, NET 15. For premium publishers we can pay weekly, or by-weekly. Accounts are cleared out for each month on the 1st, and paid out on the 15th. We pay directly to your Paypal account. US Publishers MUST fill out the W9 IRS Tax Form to qualify for payments.


Please read our Publisher Policy here.