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Get paid with email marketing

Get Paid For Permission Based Email Advertising.

There is a small fortune hiding in your email lists, and it's not what you think.

Get Paid for EVERY CLICK coming from your newsletter subscribers!

You work hard to build your email subscriber lists. You have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to build your newsletter subscriber base.

Are you making the desired EPC (earnings per click) from your lists? If you are already making $3-4 EPC from your lists monthly, then you are doing pretty good. But, if your answer is a resounding 'No', then you may be leaving thousands of dollars in extra revenue per month on the table.

One way to monetize from your newsletter / prospect list is by "making a sale", either from your own products, or from an affiliate program. The other way to monetize from your list is by selling 'solo advertising' or 'sponsor spots' on your newsletter. This is the traditional way to make revenue for your business.

Now, there is a much easier way to cash-in from your email lists.

Email PPC Networks

It's appropriate to say that 90% of Ad Networks do not provide a way for publishers to cash-in from their Email Lists using pay-per-click model. Most of the CPA networks will pay you for a lead, or a sale -- but never for a CLICK!

The few networks that do Email PPC, do not provide an "open-door-policy", and take in "any-and-all list owners" to partner with them -- NEITHER DO WE. To run an effective Email PPC program, you need to develop close relationships with partners, and have automated and manual monitoring service to ensure quality traffic for the advertiser.

We have committed ourselves to helping email list owners and advertisers profit from this proven revenue generating method (Email Marketing) by ensuring safety and quality for both our publishers and advertisers.

Introducing AdClickMedia Email PPC Program:

If you have a quality opt-in Newsletter / Prospect-List that is active and targeted, you can now join as an Email PPC Partner with us and get paid for EVERY VALID CLICK that comes from your subscribers. Below is a list of target market we work with.

Targeted List Categories:

Requirement to be an Email CPC Publisher.

  1. 1. Your list must be targeted to a specific audience.
  2. 2. Your list must be an opt-in list.
  3. 3. NO purchased lists
  4. 4. MUST be a list that you are actively mailing to.
  5. 5. Must scrub with our global suppression list before mailing.
  6. 6. You must work closely with us. (must be available to speak with by phone)
  7. 7. You must observe Email Marketing Best Practices.

If you think that you meet the above requirements, and would like to immediately monetize from your email lists, please create your free account now and get your list approved for this program now.

How Does It Work.

Joining as an Email PPC is not that hard if the requirements are met.

  1. 1. Create a free account
  2. 2. Submit your Email List details for approval
  3. 3. Connect with your affiliate manager via phone, or skype.
  4. 4. Pick the offer that matches your audience and mail out
  5. 5. Wait for click approval. (clicks are manually approved every hour during week days, and twice a day on weekends.
  6. 6. Get paid on the 15th of every month. (Weekly payments are allowed after 3 months of evaluation)

Yes, there is a small fortune hiding in your Email List -- IF you know the source to partner with. Create your free account and get your list approved today.


Recommend offers to your email lists and get paid for every click from it.