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Get faster and better results...

...our In-house Expert Campaign Management Services - Now offered at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Embarking on a PPC marketing campaign without the right knowledge and experience can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming activity. Due to the complex nature of network traffic source, running successful PPC campaigns has become a hurdle for many advertisers. We realize that your time is valuable to you, and can be leveraged to accomplish more for your business.

Most people don't have the time or patience to learn how to get maximum results from a network. Because of this reason, they spend a few dollars to start a campaign and quickly give up on huge potential profits from the traffic a network generates.

Campaign Management Pay Per ClickHere Are Important Steps To Ensure Profitable Ad Campaigns:

  1. - Organizing campaigns for easy management.
  2. - Designing ads that work well.
  3. - Rolling out new campaigns on time.
  4. - Testing, tweaking and improving on campaigns.
  5. - Knowing how and when to scale campaigns.
  6. - Getting enough tracking data to make better decisions.
  7. - Scaling the campaign for maximum ROI. Etc.

Above mentioned steps are some of the most important ways that advertisers miss out. That's why, we have made our expert knowledge and experience available to you.

Introducing Our Done-For-You Expert Campaign Management Service At NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

This service is offered to any Advertiser free of charge with a $500 Minimum Deposit.

We can do all of that for you without charging you a "Campaign Management Fee" -- All you have to do is Deposit a minimum of $500 for your campaign (CPC) cost and give us the link to your offer page.

Done-For-You Service Includes:

  1. Initial Consultation. To learn more about your offer and your goals we would like to offer you a free consultation by phone, live chat, email or Skype.
  2. Creating Campaigns. We will create and organize multiple campaigns so that it's easier to track and manage later.
  3. Designing all Ad Types. We will design ads that work with the type of traffic. (Banner ads (all sizes), Photo-Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, and Email PPC Ads)
  4. Execute Campaigns. Schedule and make your campaigns live on the network.
  5. Monitor and Report. Monitor your campaigns and optimize your ads.
  6. Promote to qualified Email Publishers. Contact our Email PPC list owners to promote your offer to their email lists.

Take advantage of these incredible perks and profit making potential today. We may not offer these EXTRA FREE services for long.

What offers can you promote?

AdClickMedia publisher network have the capability to target 48 different categories. Our publisher websites are in various markets. (Learn more)

For example, you can promote all types of offers shown below.


To take advantage of this special done-for-you offer, simply create your account OR login to your account and deposit a minimum of $500 towards your PPC campaigns.