So far I’ve been discussing ad placement for two types of ads that most of you are very familiar with, text ads and banner ads. Today, I’m excited to focus on interstitial ads. Interstitial ads appear between web pages that a visitor request. The great thing about them is that they are commanding and visitors can’t really ignore them. They need to skip the ad in order to get to the content.

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Interstitial ads have quite a few things going for them:

1. They are visually compelling. Since they load in the background they can afford to feature elaborate and heavy design and can even have embedded videos.

2. They get seen for sure, so ad blindness is not an issue with them. It’s kind of difficult to ignore something that takes up the whole screen.

3. Cleverly designed interstitial ads get more clicks than text or banner ads.

Now, a lot of publishers are wary of interstitial ads. This is quite understandable. Most visitors find interstitial ads annoying and disruptive.

I’ve thought about this for a long time and decided to do some testing. It turns out that interstitial ads are not to blame here. Most visitors prefer them over pop-up ads. The things that visitors do mind are unnecessary and surprising interruptions to their browsing experience on your page.

If visitors get the feeling that you are hijacking their time, they won’t look for a CLOSE (X) button. They will simply close the tab and you will never see them again.

Avoid placing interstitial ads on:

– Blog posts – Unless your content is so damn good that visitors are willing to put up with it. But generally, the whole purpose of a blog section is to build visitor trust, strengthen the relationship, and offer actionable advice. Kind of hard to do if the visitor gets served with an ad after every click.

– Storytelling heavy sites – If your site features storytelling that spans over pages, avoid interrupting that experience.

– Sales pages and incentive offers – Sales pages have a lot more potential at bringing in cold, hard cash than ads. Incentive offers as well. Get people to focus on what you’re saying there without serving a disruptive ad in advance.

Where to place interstitial ads

So those are the don’ts but what about the dos? Savvy webmasters have a couple of tricks up their sleeve that allow them to serve relevant interstitial ads in a manner that complements visitor journey.

Login pages – Login pages are great for interstitial ads. First of all, you won’t be interrupting anything at this point. Your visitors are just starting their journey on your site so they are not engrossed in content. A slight interruption after they enter their login info won’t detract too much from their experience.

Interstitial Ad on Login Page

The best part here is that if you are using an interstitial ad on your login page it will become an integral part of visitor journey after enough time has passed. New users will not know better and will get used to the ad right off the bat.

Thank you pages – Also a great place to position an interstitial ad. What is good about it is the fact that people are coming to an end of their experience on your page, at least for that session so you’re not interrupting much.

Interstitial Ad On Thank You Page

Also, they have taken the time to fill out a form or complete an order at this stage so they are less inclined to leave your page because of the ad. They don’t want to see all their hard work go to waste. I know it’s not the fairest of methods but it works like a charm!

Content pages – Usually, only authority sites can get away with serving interstitial ads between content pages. However, if your content is good you can consider them as well. I would recommend testing an interstitial ad on a highly popular article or a post. If you notice your traffic declining, you can easily take it off. If not, it might prove to be a real cash cow.

Interstistial Ads On Authority Sites

The cost of click is predetermined for the advertisers and your earning will depend on the category of your site. If you’re in a profitable category, such as ‘Debt Consolidation’ for example, you stand to earn a lot more per click than you would with a text ad. Of course, it is important that you pick the right category for your site and not the one you think will earn you do most money. Remember, people won’t click if the ads are way off the mark.

Also, you are able to customize the header text. Usually, you will want to use it to add your site’s name to the ad. You want the visitors to know that they are still at the right place and that they can skip the ad to get to the content they want.

In addition, you can customize the color of the text as well as the background color of the header text box.

This wraps up my placement advice for all the types of ads we’re offering. Next time I’ll introduce you to our Email PPC program. It is a great way to cash in on your marketing list by serving your subscribers relevant ads. But more on that soon so stay tuned!