Your casual Internet user is extremely passionate about interstitial ads. When I say passionate I mean he usually passionately hates them. According to some anecdotal data from Google, nearly 70 % of Internet users feel that interstitial ads bring nothing useful to their lives.

And most of the time that’s absolutely true.

But I don’t blame the format and neither should you. I blame the publishers and, also, I blame the advertisers – the former to a lesser extent, however. And here is why.

Interstitial ads are a form of interruption marketing. You’re essentially hijacking someone’s time in order to get them to see what you want them to see. At that particular moment, they’re simply not interested so it’s the advertiser’s job to make them interested.

But if you can pull off a good interstitial campaign, you stand to get a lot in return. Here are just some of the benefits of properly executed interstitial ads:

  • High visual impact – You can use grabbing visuals, rich media, high-res photos, and more to capture attention.
  • Larger format – Interstitial ads give you a larger canvas to paint on. More space encourages more interaction and leads to a higher click through rate.
  • 100 % page real estate – You’re the only one there which means that you don’t have to compete for attention, you already have it. You just have to make sure you use those couple of seconds to make a lasting impact.

Interstitial Ads on AdClick Media

Running a successful interstitial ad campaign is a collaborative effort between the advertisers and publishers. To make sure that everything goes smoothly AdClick Media acts as mediator – not just by connecting you to the publishers but also making sure that publishers know when and where to show your ads.

Interstistial Ads On Authority Sites

This part is extremely important. You can do everything great on your end but if publishers don’t know how to properly show your ad you will not be seeing optimal results. Unlike other networks, AdClick Media regularly educates their publishers on ad placement and panel optimization and we ensure that your ads yield maximum possible results.

Depending on the category, an interstitial ad will cost you as low as 20 cents. Considering that you get full exposure once it’s shown that amount is definitely a bargain.

How to Create Great Interstitial Ads

AdClick Media and the publishers do their part in getting visitors to your page, but you will also have to do yours when creating an ad.

Be memorable – Remember, visitors will be making a split-second decision on whether your ad is interesting or boring. Think outside the box and try to present your offer in the most memorable way possible.

Entertain – If your offer is not fun, make sure your ad is! If you manage to entertain people, or better yet, make them laugh then you stand a better chance of getting a click.

Use brand power – Are you a recognizable brand? Maybe you’re associated with one? Capitalize on brand power in the ad and make sure visitors instantly recognize who you are and what you’re selling.

Offer something for free – We all love freebies. Using an interstitial ad to offer free content, free consultation or something else that costs absolutely nothing will entice visitors to click through. The worst case scenario: you will get an opportunity to collect their email address and market to them at a later time.

Include a call to action – Include a clear, strong call to action that cannot be mistaken for anything else. A great visual with strong copy is worth nothing if you’re afraid to sell.

Be relevant – Make sure you select the right categories you want to target. To do this you will need to know your target audience inside an out otherwise your ad will perform abysmally.

There’s a lot more to be said about how to create a perfect interstitial ad so make sure to stick around as I will be covering that in one of my next posts. For now, log on to Advertisers Area, create one and test drive it.

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