In a few of our recent e-mails, we’ve mentioned how you can use the E-mail Pay-Per-Click advertising program to get up to $1 from every subscriber that clicks through your messages to the ads.

The Benefits Of Sending E-mail PPC Offers

1. Not Having To Hunt For Targeted Offers To Promote – Instead, you’ll be  notified whenever advertising offers that match YOUR lists specific interests are available to promote.

2. Get Paid Without Relying On Offer Conversion – With traditional affiliate offers, you only get paid (a commission) when someone buys the product. Using E-mail PPC advertising, you get paid for every click going to the offer!

3. On-Time Payout, Every Time – When working with Adclick Media, you’re guaranteed to get paid what you’ve earned, on-time, every single month.

How To Qualify For The E-mail PPC Program

Qualifying is pretty easy. All we ask is that you:

1. Have a targeted list of subscribers

2. The list be confirmed (“double”) opt-in

3. You treat your list well (not constantly spamming subscribers)

4. And be willing to (potentially) talk to us by phone or Skype, just so we can get to know you a bit

We have these criteria in place because we want to deliver QUALITY clicks to advertisers.

This benefits publishers as well, because the more results advertisers get, the more ads will be placed and the more new advertisers will be referred to add even more offers to promote.

If you qualify with the points above, click here now to submit your list for approval and start earning up to $1 per click from subscribers!