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Adclickmedia delivers high quality advertising services to home based business and network marketing professionals. Whether prospects find us online, through our publishers, content sites and blogs, they are looking for information on how to start a new home based business or information on how to build an existing home based business.

We put YOUR offer in front of these prospects 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!

Business Opportunity
Network Stats

Publisher sites – 6200+
Ad Types – Banner, Text, Interstitial, Email
Email Publishers – 114+
Monthly Views – 110M+
Monthly Clicks – 230K+

This is high quality advertising exposure for your offers backed by professional support and account management.

The Adclickmedia Ad Network offers you the ability to promote your website through our advertising network to help you get more real exposure, increase your brand recognition, and help you generate better results in getting sign-ups, leads, and referrals for YOUR business.

Reach mass audience.

Our ads are on over 6500 websites and blogs that has a total reach of 13.5 million impressions per day, which means you can easily get a portion of those impressions and clicks by simply getting a campaign started.

Affordable way to advertise.

Unlike most ad networks, there is no high retainer to start your campaign. You can start a campaigns and see results for a minimum ad budget of $100.

Ad design service.

Our design team can get your campaign designed and even manage it for you for no extra cost. Learn more.

Impression & Click tracking.

Our proprietary tracking system tracks all the needed metrics for you. You can certainly use third party tracking to monitor everything if you wish.

Conversion Tracking.

Add a small snippet of code to your thank you pages or check out pages and track your conversions in real time.

Anti-fraud protection.

Fraud clicks are taken very seriously. We monitor fraudulent activities manually and using automation technology.

Email advertising.

Our Email PPC advertising program is available for you if you wish to do email advertising. We partner with newsletters, and list owners who can recommend your offer to their subscribers. You simply pay per click.

Auto funding.

Auto funding can be set if you wish to continue and scale your campaigns.

Block publishers.

You can choose to work with publishers who are actually producing results for you, and ban publishers that are not converting for you.


We handle campaigns from $5 a day to thousands of dollars a day. All advertisers, big or small, get the same great attention from our team. Use PayPal OR Credit Card, to conveniently fund your account.