Actually, the title of this post should be ‘How to Create a Mesmerizing Ad’. Period. Basically, interstitial ads that you create on AdClick Media can be image-based or text-based. Tips and tricks I mention for text and banner ads will also come into play here.

Interstitial Ad Network

The interstitial part is a method of delivery. But it’s the method of delivery that truly sets the interstitial ads apart and is the reason why you should definitely run them alongside all other ads you’re running.

Think about it. With text ads, you get a corner of the page. When it comes to banner ads, you get a slightly larger corner. And that is all fine – and it works.

But with an interstitial ad you’re the only thing that a visitor is looking at on their screen – even if it is for a brief moment. You have to use that moment to put their attention in a chokehold – an unrelenting grip that will absolutely force them to click through to see what it’s all about.

AdClick Media Interstitial Ads

Putting up an interstitial ad is a piece of cake. Simply log into your Advertisers Area, click on Start a New Campaign tab and select ‘Full Page Interstitial Ads’.

You will need to select whether or not the ad is text-only or image-only and enter a destination URL. Ad Target section lets you choose a category of websites where your ad will appear. Again, it’s crucial that you know who you’re targeting so you don’t end up showing your ad to disinterested audiences. There is also an option for language and geo-targeting in case you’re doing a localized campaign.

Interstitial Ad Network

All of this is pretty standard but I’d like to get into the difference between image-only and text-only interstitial ads. Depending on your niche, you might be able to utilize both types to your advantage.

Text-only Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ad Network

These interstitials are all about the copy. There is nothing else on the page so you better make sure that you can tell a hell of a story in 255 characters-long ad body and get people to read it using only 55 characters in your headline.

This works best with shocking and gripping claims. If you can boast something that is simply incredible and get people hooked on your very first word then there is no need for an image – it would only detract from your message.

You can head the road already taken and make an elaborate pitch that will fire up the readers and get them to see the benefits of your product or service – in this case, you will find my post on text ads useful. Read this post for Photo Text ads.

Or you can take the unconventional route and decide to tell a short story. Think of it as a murder mystery on a post it. If it’s good, people will click on it to check out what’s behind the word-smithery. However, this is a dangerous approach I would only recommend to experienced copywriters. If your landing page doesn’t connect well to your story, this tactic can backfire, badly.

Image-only Interstitial Ads

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Images that you upload can be up to 800×600 pixels in size. This means that you will have the reign of the entire screen so you better know how to use it. You can go a bit bolder here than you usually would with regular banner ads.

However, usual tips apply:

– Try to limit the ad to one message, one image, and one call to action in order to avoid muddling the communication.

– Avoid using unreadable fonts and limit the font variations to two: one for the headline and one for everything else.

– Honor hierarchy so your brand logo appears prominently on top, followed by the body of your message and concluding with a strong call to action.

To learn more about how to create great images for interstitial ads take a look at this post I wrote for banner ads. A lot of the same principles apply.

Read Banner ad article

Keep in mind that you can duplicate your approved ads with one simple click. So if you want to see how you photo text ad would fare as an interstitial there is no need to submit a new one. Simply duplicate it as a new type and start your testing right away! Running multiple types of ads is a surefire way to get more exposure and ultimately more clicks.

That’s about it for interstitial ads. Tomorrow I’ll be handing out tips on or Email PPC Program; how to write an offer they can’t refuse!

Make sure to drop by and learn all about it.

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