The legal hemp industry needs all types of business services as it continues to thrive. During this time of rapid expansion, entrepreneurs can find their service niche in the industry. Hemp businesses are constantly searching for professionals who know how the hemp industry works to hemp them with their business. Here, we talk about five ways to make money in hemp without growing or selling it.

Human Resources

Hemp retailers need training in how to hire, train, and motivate employees. HR professionals may know the ins and outs of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how those requirements map apply to employees who themselves take hemp products. As an HR consultant, you can help new companies establish HR programs, including developing personnel forms, interview questions, scheduling systems, and employee termination practices. Startup costs for HR related services are minimal, especially if you start on a part-time basis.

Security Related Services

A huge amount of security is needed in every sector of the hemp industry. Growers and retailers need security and loss control audit services. All businesses who handle hemp products need video cameras and alarm systems. Hemp retailers handle large amounts of cash each day and need front and back office security services to deter theft. If you have experience in the private security industry, you can establish a niche in legal hemp.

Marketing, Sales, and Promotions

Every hemp business, from growers to processors to manufacturers, have one thing in common: they need marketing, sales, operations, and merchandising consulting so their business avoids mistakes and maximizes profits with strategies that are planned and profitable. You have the option of training your hemp clients how to do the tasks or simply performing the tasks for them on an ongoing basis.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers build brand identities for hemp businesses. From logo design to website development, graphic designers are critical to the hemp industry’s growing success. Graphic designers can find unlimited opportunities as a freelancer specializing in working with hemp businesses.
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