CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is proven to reduce pain, inflammation, enhance mood, and even an aid in cancer. Celebrities such as Morgan Freeman and Michael J Fox have gone on record about their own experiences, even starting their own CDB businesses.

Along with the rest of marijuana industry, hemp and CBD has also been no stranger to political scrutiny. Although the compound in CBD has no psychoactive chemical, it’s still subjected to the same hurdles and pitfalls of pot. Despite the legal limbo, CBD oil, topicals, vape pens and edibles have entered the market, and the demand shows no signs of stopping.

Enterprising entrepreneurs have already jumped on board to educate and profit from this industry, projected to be valued at over $60 Billion dollars by 2024.

If you are ready to learn more about the Hemp / CBD industry, there is no better time to start your company and make a killing by helping people who need it. You can also join affiliate programs promoting Hemp/CBD products and make good commissions.

If you are a dispensary owner, or already promoting a Cannabis / Hemp / CBD products, this post will show you 4 ways to market and promote your business online.

How do you market your CBD products?

First, if you are already familiar with the industry, you already know that FDA is watching your promotions and ads. Make sure that you know the legalities for this particular industry, to avoid the headache of dealing with the government agency that’s way behind on the times.

Educate By Blogging

Educate yourself and your audience about CBD. Know the science and the products. Use your blog to educate them with information about CBD products. A blog is an amazing platform to educate your audience about the benefits of CBD. Express yourself and share your knowledge about CBD on your blog.

Blogs are the best vehicle to attract new readers and people who are searching for CBD products. Search Engines like Google and Bing likes blogs and will drive organic traffic.

There are so many people, medical marijuana patients or otherwise who don’t know what CBD is, or how to find it. So even if you’re just informing your medical marijuana patients about high-CBD strains, get the message out there. Educating them with confidence and compassion will outweigh any cleverly crafted sales pitch.

Social Media Promotions

While you are spreading the message within your community, its important to get on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. But before you go drafting up a post for your hot new CBD oil, understand that since it’s technically a marijuana product, you’re going to face a few difficulties.

Not every update should be a sales pitch for CBD oil, keep things interesting and don’t get set in a mindset of your success being determined by page likes, retweets or conversions. Build your following, build your brand and the rest will follow.

Influencer Marketing

There are some other ways to market your Hemp/CBD product line that aren’t as straightforward as blogging, or posting on social media, but they might be something to consider.

A popular new method that CBD companies are doing is reaching out to popular Instagram celebrities, bloggers, and social influencers to get them to post about your brand.

This can be risky business though, as the ROI on these sponsored posts can be minimal, or even backfire if you’re not careful.

Some digital celebs charge a hefty fee for a paid-post, so if you’re thinking about influencer marketing, know what you’re getting into before paying them.

Vertical Ad Networks

Timing and speed is key in promoting your Cannabis / Hemp / CBD business. If you are ready to grow fast then advertising on Ad Networks will help tremendously.

Some of the major advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, and Instagram have strict rules about what they deem appropriate paid ad material; so don’t be surprised if your ads get rejected.

The answer is to start your ad campaigns with a vertical network in the Hemp/CBD niche. These networks will get your message out there faster than any methods above.

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